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Record #32 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names George Rhoads
Age 25
Description Chestnut color, face round, and hating Slavery heartily
Origin- Town/City Perryville
Origin- County Queen Anne's
Origin- State Maryland
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name John P. Dellum
Chapter Title Eight Arrivals
Page Number 145
Other Travelers James Massey, Perry Henry Trusty, George Rhoads, James Rhoads, George Washington, Sarah Elizabeth Rhoads and child, Mary Elizabeth Stevenson
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources
Items in Possession
Full Narrative GEORGE RHOADS 19 a young man of twenty five years of age, chestnut color, face round, and hating Slavery heartily. He had come from under the control of John P. Dellum a farmer, and a crabbed master, who "would swear very much when crossed, and would drink moderately every day," except sometimes he would " take a spree" and would then get pretty high. Withal he was a member of the Presbyterian church at Perry- ville, Maryland ; he was a single man and followed farming. Within the last two or three years, he had sold a man and woman; hence, George thought it was time to take warning. Accordingly he felt it to be his duty to try for Canada, via Underground Rail Road. As his master had always declared that if one run off, he would sell the rest to Georgia, George very wisely concluded that as an effort would have to be made, they had better leave their master with as " few as possible to be troubled with selling." Consequently, a consultation was had between the brothers, which resulted in the exit of a party of eight. The market price for George would be about $1400. A horrid example professed Christians set before the world, while holding slaves and upholding Slavery.

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