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Record #31 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names Perry Henry Trusty
Age 32
Description round-made of dark complexion
Origin- Town/City
Origin- County Caroline Co.
Origin- State Maryland
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name John McGuire
Chapter Title Eight Arrivals
Page Number 144
Other Travelers James Massey, Perry Henry Trusty, George Rhoads, James Rhoads, George Washington, Sarah Elizabeth Rhoads and child, Mary Elizabeth Stevenson
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources
Items in Possession
Full Narrative PERRY was about thirty-one years of age, round-made, of dark complexion, and looked quite gratified with his expedition, and the prospect of becoming a British subject instead of a Maryland slave. He was not free, however, from the sad thought of having left his wife and three children in the "prison house" nor of the fact that his own dear mother was brutally stabbed to the heart with a butcher knife by her young master, while he (Perry) was a babe ; nor of a more recent tragedy by which a fellow-ser- vant, only a short while before he fled, was also murdered by a stab in the groin from another young master."Powerful bad" treatment, and "no pay," was the only reward poor Perry had ever received for his life services. Perry could only remember his having received from his master, in all, eleven cents. Left a brother and sister in Slavery. Perry was worth $1200 perhaps. PERRY was compelled to leave his wife and three children ? namely, Hannah (wife), Perry Henry, William Thomas and Alexander, who were owned by John' McGuire, of Caroline county, Maryland. Perry was a fellow-servant of James Massey, and was held by the same owner who held James. It is but just, to say, that it was not in the Pittman family that his mother and his fellow-servant had been so barbarously murdered. These occurrences took place before they came into the hands of Pittman. The provocation for which his fellow-servant was killed, was said to be very trifling. In a moment of rage, his young master, John Piper, plunged the blade of a small knife into Perry's groin, which resulted in his death twenty-six hours afterwards. For one day only the young master kept himself concealed, then he came forward and said he "did it in self-defense,"and there the matter ended. The half will never be told of the barbarism of Slavery. PERRY'S letter subjoined, explains where he went, and how his mind was occupied with thoughts of his wife, children and friends. ST. CATHARINES, C. W. June 21, 1857. DEAR SIR. ? I take this opportunity to inform you that I am well at present, and hope that these few lines may find you injoying the same Blessing, I have Been for some time now, But have not written to you Before, But you must Excuse me. I want you to give my Respects to all my inquiring friends and to my wife, I should have let you know But I was afraid and all three of my little children too, P. H. Trusty if he was mine Wm. T. Trusty and to Alexander I have been A man agge But was assurd nuthin, H. Trusty, a hard grand citt. I should lie know how times is, Henry Turner if you get this keep it, and read it to yourself and not let any one else But yourself, tell ann Henry, Samuel Henry, Jacob Bryant, Wm Claton, Mr James at Almira Receved at Mr Jones house the Best I could I have Been healthy since I arrived here. My Best Respect to all and my thanks for past favours. No more at present But Remain youre obedented Servent &c. HENRY TRUSTY. Please send me an answer as son as you get this, an^ oblige yours, MR TRUSTY.

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