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Record #30 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names James Massey
Description likely-looking young man, dark, tall , and sensible and worth about $1000
Origin- Town/City Level Square
Origin- County Queen Anne's
Origin- State Maryland
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name James Pittman
Chapter Title Eight Arrivals
Page Number 143
Other Travelers James Massey, Perry Henry Trusty, George Rhoads, James Rhoads, George Washington, Sarah Elizabeth Rhoads and child, Mary Elizabeth Stevenson
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources
Items in Possession
Full Narrative ST. CATHARINES, C. W., April 24, 1857. DEAR WIFE ? I take this opertunity to inform you that I have Arive in St. Catharines this Eving, After Jorney of too weeks, and now find mysilf on free ground and wish that you was here with me But you are not here, when we parted I did not know that I should come away so soon as I did, But for that of causin you pain I left as I did, I hope that you will try to come. But if you cannot, write to me as soon as you can and tell me all that you can But dont be Desscuredged I was sory to leave you, and I could not help it for you know that I promest see you to sister, But I was persuaded By Another man go part with it grived mutch, you must not think that I did not care for you. I cannot tell how I come, for I was some times on the earth and some times under the earth Do not Bee afraid to come But start and keep trying, if you are afrid fitch your tow sister with you for compeny and I will take care of you and treat you like a lady so long as you live. The talk of cold in this place is all a humbug, it is wormer here than it was there when I left, your father and mother has allways treated me like their own child I have no fault to find in them. I send my Respects to them Both and I hope that they will remember me in Prayer, if you make a start come to Philidelpa tell father and mother that I am safe and hope that they will not morn after me I shall ever Remember them. No more at present But yours in Body and mind, and if we no meet on Earth I hope that we shall meet in heven. Your husbern. Good night. JAME MASEY.

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