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Record #19 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names Nat Amby
Description Full black and about 6 feet high ; of powerful physical pro- portions, and of more than ordinary intellectual capacities. Slight impediment, large scar on the neck
Origin- Town/City Cambridge
Origin- County Dorchester
Origin- State Maryland
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name John Muir
Chapter Title The Arrivals of a Single Month
Page Number 103-104
Other Travelers Daniel Stanly, Nat Amby, John Scott, Hannah Peters, Henrietta Dobson, Elizabeth Amby, Josiah Stanly, Caroline Stanley, Daniel Stanley, Jr, John Stanley, Miller Stanly
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources The following advertisement from The Cambridge Democrat of Nov. 4, speaks for itself ? $300 REWARD. ? Ran away from the subscriber, on Saturday night last, 17th inst., my negro woman Lizzie, about 28 years old. She is medium sized, dark complexion, good-looking, with rather a down look. When spoken to, replies quickly. She was well dressed, wearing a red and green blanket shawl, and carried with her a variety of clothing. She ran off in company with her husband, Nat Amby (belonging to John Muir, Esq.), who is about 6 feet in height, with slight impediment in his speech, dark chestnut color, and a large scar on the side of his neck. I will give the above reward if taken in this County, or one-half of what she sells for if taken out of the County or State. In either case to be lodged in Cambridge Jail. Cambridge, Oct. 21, 1857. ALEXANDER H. BAYLY. P. S.? For the apprehension of the above-named negro man Nat, and delivery in Cambridge Jail, I will give $500 reward. JOHN Mum.
Items in Possession good pistol and a big knife
Full Narrative Nat is no ordinary man. Like a certain other Nat known to history, his honest and independent bearing in every respect was that of a natural hero. He was full black, and about six feet high ; of powerful physical proportions, and of more than ordinary intellectual capacities. With the strongest desire to make the Port of Canada safely, he had resolved to be " carried back," if attacked by the slave hunters, " only as a dead man." He was held to service by John Muir, a wealthy farmer, and the owner of 40 or 50 slaves. " Muir would drink and was generally devilish." Two of Nat's sisters and one of his brothers had been "sold away to Georgia by him." Therefore, admonished by threats and fears of having to pass through the same fiery furnace, Nat was led to consider the U. G. R. R. scheme. It was through the marriage of Nat's mistress to his present owner that he came into Muir's hands. " Up to the time of her death," he had been encouraged to "hope" that he would be " free;"indeed, he was assured by her" dying testimony that the slaves were not to be sold." But regardless of the promises and will of his departed wife, Muir soon extinguished all hopes of freedom from that quarter. But not believing that God had put one man here to "be the servant of another ? to work," and get none of the benefit of his labor, Nat armed himself with a good pistol and a big knife, and taking his wife with him, bade adieu forever to bondage. Observing that Lizzie (Nat's wife) looked pretty decided and resolute, a member of the committee remarked, "Would your wife fight for freedom?" "I have heard her say she would wade through blood and tears for her freedom," said Nat, in the most serious mood. AUBURN, June 10th, 1858. MR. WILLIAM STILL : ? Sir, will you be so Kind as to write a letter to affey White in straw berry alley in Baltimore city on the point Say to her at nat Ambey that I wish to Know from her the Last Letar that Joseph Ambie and Henry Ambie two Brothers and Ann Warfield a couisin of them two boys I state above I would like to hear from my mother sichy Ambie you will Please write to my mother and tell her that I am well and doing well and state to her that I perform my Relissius dutys and I would like to hear from her and want to know if she is performing her Relissius dutys yet and send me word from all her children I left behind say to affey White that I wish her to write me a Letter in Hast my wife is well and doing well and my nephew is doing well Please teli affey White when she writes to me to Let me know where Joseph and Henry Ambie is Mr. Still Please Look on your Book and you will find my name on your Book They was eleven of us children and all when we came through and I feal interrested about my Brothers I have never heard from them since I Left home you will Please Be Kind annough to attend to this Letter When you send the answer to this Letter you will Please send it to P. R. Freeman Auburn City Cayuga County New York Yours Truly NAT AMBIE.

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