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Mt. Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church marriage records

Vital Information • 135 Records • Uploaded July 6, 2021

Mt. Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in Fruitland, MD (formerly known as Fork Town) in 1873. These marriage records document the names, ages, and residences of couples seeking union in Wicomico County, MD from 1889 to 1933. Data also includes occupations and names of the officiates and witnesses. This information was transcribed and edited by Timothy Harlow, Donna Messick, S. Pilar Burton, and Regina Miller. The original church record books are in the archival collection 2012.061 of the Nabb Research Center.

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Fields Included

The list below shows the data fields included in this source. If a field is marked as Indexed, it is searchable.

  • County Indexed
  • Year
  • Month/Day
  • Surname (Groom) Indexed
  • First Name (Groom) Indexed
  • Place of Birth (Groom) Indexed
  • Surname (Bride) Indexed
  • First Name (Bride) Indexed
  • Age (Groom)
  • Age (Bride)
  • Place of Birth (Bride) Indexed
  • Residence (Groom) Indexed
  • Residence (Bridge) Indexed
  • Maiden Name of Mother Indexed
  • Place of Marriage Indexed
  • Occupation (Groom) Indexed
  • Officiating Minister Indexed
  • Witnesses Indexed
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