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Record #761 from Slave Sales in Somerset and Worcester County land records, 1825-1864

County Somerset
Liber GH 8
Folio 526
Seller Pollitt, Frost; Burroughs, Isaac (alias Cathell); Vance, David of So Cty
Buyer Rider, Dr. William H of Salisbury
Slave Charles, son of Pollitt 19 yo
Additional Information (price, other items) Burroughs & Vance sell Charles to Rider for term of 8 yrs from today; he was purchased as slave for life from Jacob Riggin by bill of sale in Wo Cty. Charles sold to Vance & Burroughs as morgage to keep David & Isaac harmless as securities of Frost to Henry Hutt of Wo Cty. Charles held by Rider term of 8 yrs until 2 Jan 1845 & after that to Frost; Rider to treat Charles as a master should treat his servant
Year 1837
Date 2 Jan 1837
Sold out of state or to possible slave dealer No

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