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Source Information

About Slave Sales in Somerset and Worcester County land records, 1825-1864

Probate & Other Court Records • 1,876 Records • Uploaded July 7, 2021

Information regarding slave sales includes the names of the buyers, sellers, and names of the enslaved individual. Also noted are the prices or debts as a result the sale and information concerning enslaved people being sold out of state or to other slave dealers.

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Fields Included

The list below shows the data fields included in this source. If a field is marked as Indexed, it is searchable.

  • County Indexed
  • Liber
  • Folio
  • Seller Indexed
  • Buyer Indexed
  • Slave Indexed
  • Additional Information (price, other items) Indexed
  • Year
  • Date
  • Sold out of state or to possible slave dealer Indexed
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