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Record #44 from Freedmen's Bureau School Reports, 1869-1870

Report Date April 1870
Location Frederick, Kent Co., Delaware
School Name and Classification No. 25, intermediate day
Length of Session Nov 19 - June 18
Reporting Administrator Sarah L. Douglass (B)
School Ownership Freedmen
Sponsorship Delaware Educational Association, Freedmen ($12)
Enrollment and Average Attendance 59 total (27 male, 32 female), 45 avg attendance
Previous Report's Enrollment 53
Number of White Pupils
Number of Students Freed Before Civil War 59
Courses and Enrollment Alphabet-2 Advanced Reading-53 Geography-7 Arithmetic-40 Higher Branches-0 Writing-53 Needle Work-0
Students with Basic Literacy 4
Additional Schools Sabbath school with 10 teachers, 75 enrolled
Public Sentiment Very good
Noted Closures x
Teacher's Remarks x
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