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Record #78 from Freedmen's Bureau Correspondence on Schools, 1869-1870

Roll Number 5
Date 23 Oct 1868
State Maryland
County Wicomico
City/Town/Neighborhood Nanticoke
Other Locations Mentioned Tyaskin, Wicomico Co., Md.; Salisbury
Authors John H. Butler
Recipient Rev. John Kimball
Other Names Mentioned MR. Zachariah Netter
Message Abstract States there is a large settlement of colored people at this place but no school or school-houses; that they will pay the teacher's board if the Bureau will send them one, and they will start a school in a small place which can be used for the purpose; that they are ready to build if the Bureau will aid them to the amount of $300, and they have land which they will deed for the purpose; that Mr. [[underlined]] Zachariah Netter [[/underlined]] is the proper person to address. Suggest that the Bureau aid in building three houses in each of these three Counties.
Message Body I write to inform you that I am here at this place held a meeting with the people here last night. This is a large settlement of colored people and they are disposed to do all they can if they had some assistance no one have been among them on the subject of Education and they will from 60 to 75 colored families within three miles around which makes a larger settlement with about 150 to 200 children and no school They want the Bureau to send them a teacher to give them a start and they will pay the board and washing they say that a colored male teacher will suit them best. They have a small place to commence school in And they are ready to build if the Bureau will help them to the amount of three hundred dollars worth of material as can be bought down here They have land and will deed it as requested as soon as they hear from you They asked me to make application for them to the Genl. And if granted will comply and build as soon as possible These people bid fair to be a very prosperous people as nearly all of them have little Houses of their own and soon will finish paying for them. They form a permanent settlement And I would suggest that the Bureau assist in building at least about 3 school Houses in each of these 3 Counties as there is only one school House in Worcester Co. strictly speaking and that one is worth nothing to the people I means the one called St Peter's which have not a foot of ground to set it on, And they have one in Somerset Co on Deals Island And none in this Wicomico and these people here seems willing to go on just as you want them to do write to Mr Zachariah Netter Tyaskin Wicomico Co. Md. or more convenient for him to say Nanticoke Wicomico Co Md. [...] NB if you send these people a teacher send him to Saulsbury and write several days ahead as this place is more than thirty miles from Saulsbury
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