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Record #69 from Abstracts of Worcester Orphans Court Proceedings (Volumes 1-3), 1780-1832

County Worcester
Volume Number Volume 1:252
Book Number 5
Original Page Number LH8:205
Date of Court Session February or August 1798 ?
Enslaved or Free Slave
Abstract of Record At request of George Bell, adm. of Joshua Bell, Court appoints John Postly & James King to distribute estate: 1) To Sally Townsend, eldest sister of deceased; cash 2) to George Bell, for himself & also for Molly Selby, mother of deceased; negro woman Comfort, 48 yo & her child 3 mos old; negro boy Charles 4 yo, cash 3) To deceased's brother Henry Bell; negro girl Leah, 10 yo; cash 4) To deceased's brother William Bell; negro girl Rosse, 12 yo; cash 5) To deceased's brother Elijah Bell; cash 6) To deceased's brother James Bell; one negro girl Lanty, 7 yo; cash 7) To deceased's sister Nancy Bell; cash 8) To deceased's sister Polly Bell; cash 9) To deceased's half sister, Hetty Selby, daughter of James Selby & Molly, his wife (George Bell, guardian); negro girl N_?_ 2 yo; cash. Signed: John Postly & James King.

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