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Abstracts of Worcester Orphans Court Proceedings (Volumes 1-3), 1780-1832

Wills and Inheritance • 1,083 Records • Uploaded February 9, 2022

These court proceedings detail the changing ownership of apprentices or the enslaved to other individuals. This abstract only contains data for people noted as "Free" or "Slave". These records of court proceedings, such as ownership or apprenticeships, of enslaved or free people of color were extracted from Worcester County, Maryland Orphans Court Proceedings Volume 1-Volume 3 by David V. Heise published in 1998 -2004. Many of the original Orphans’ Court Proceedings can be found at http://familysearch.org by “browsing all images” under Maryland Register of Wills Records, 1629-1999

Abstracted from the works of David V. Heise (F187.W702)

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