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Record Detail

Record #89 from Abstracts of Maryland County Land Records, 1769-1803

State Maryland
County Somerset
Liber: Folio N 0-34:428
Date (written/recorded) 3/2/1802
Grantor: Grantee William Rowan / George Robertson
Abstract For and in consideration of a certain bond this day passed to the said Rowan from George Robertson conditioned that if Negro Lovey and her 3 children George, Joseph and a female child expressed in the bond and whose name is unknown to the grantor, but said to be named Leah should fail in establishing their claim of freedom under and in virtue of a certain instrument of writing executed by Thomas Cutchell purporting to be his manumission of the said Negro and her 3 children that then the said George and his heirs should pay the sum of $550 to the said Rowan and also in further consideration of the sum of 5 shillings current money the said Rowan as attorney for the representatives of the said Cushall does sell and deliver to the said George the above named Negro woman and her 3 children on the condition that shall the said Negroes be adjudged to be entitled to their freedom then the instrument of writing to be void and of no effect.

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