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Abstracts of Maryland County Land Records, 1769-1803

Land Records • 900 Records • Uploaded July 28, 2022 • Data Website: mdlandrec.net

This abstract of land records is extracted from the series of Maryland land record books by Leslie and Neil Keddie. The original records can be found on https://mdlandrec.net/main/index.cfm by searching the appropriate county and liber. These records include: manumissions, slave sales, mortgages (enslaved persons used as collateral), deeds of gift and other transactions such as land rental or land purchase that involve or mention people of color.

The counties included in this database, the libers and date ranges are:

Worcester County, MD Libers: I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T
Dates: 1769-1801

Somerset County, MD Libers: EO-26, NO-34, O-035
Dates: 1769-1771, 1800-1803

Dorchester County, MD Libers: HD16, i & HD17, i Dates: 1800-1801

Extracted by Donna Messick

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