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Record Detail

Record #77 from Abstracts of Maryland County Land Records, 1769-1803

State Maryland
County Somerset
Liber: Folio N 0-34:216
Date (written/recorded) 6/23/1801
Grantor: Grantee Elizabeth Dorman / Parker Selby & Levina Selby, wife of Parker
Abstract For and in consideration of the love and friendship the said Elizabeth has for the said Parker and Levina and for the further consideration of the sum of 5 pounds current money, she conveys and makes over to them a Negro boy James aged about 10 or so and for them to have the same for their natural lives and at their deaths the said James to enjoy his freedom and at their death their heirs, executors to find the boy a new suit of clothes and also to give him 1 set of shoemaker's tools as freedom dues.

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