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Dorchester County Marriage Records, 1866-1906

Vital Information • 2,621 Records • Uploaded January 13, 2023 • Data Website: guide.msa.maryland.gov

The records in this collection contain the names, ages, occupations, marital status, marriage dates and locations (often someone’s home) of the marriages in Dorchester County, Maryland between 1866 and 1906. The records were abstracted from two books: Dorchester County Maryland Marriage Records 1866-1886 compiled by Helen Kirby, and Records of Dorchester County, Maryland 1886-1906 compiled by B. Jean Woolston. This source includes entries that used the “color” designations black, colored, chestnut, dark, brown, yellow, mulatto, light and bright for the brides and grooms. The original records Dorchester County Circuit Court Marriage Records 1866-1886 (MSA No. CE434-1 ) are online at the Maryland State Archives site. The original record may also include additional information such as residence of the bride and groom, the occupation of the bride and the name and residence of the official performing the ceremony.

To access the original records, please visit the Maryland State Archives Guide to Government Records. Or, for 1866-86 click here and for 1886-1906 click here.

Abstracted by Donna Messick.

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Fields Included

The list below shows the data fields included in this source. If a field is marked as Indexed, it is searchable.

  • Groom Surname Indexed
  • Groom First Name Indexed
  • Groom Age
  • Groom Marital Status Indexed
  • Groom Occupation and/or Residence Indexed
  • Bride (Occupation; residence if not Dorchester County) Indexed
  • Bride Age
  • Bride Marital Status Indexed
  • Date
  • Location of Ceremony Indexed
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