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About 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedule

Censuses & Lists • 10,332 Records • Uploaded July 7, 2021

During the 1860 census, a separate 'slave schedule' enumerated the enslaved people in the United States. Enslaved people were not listed by name and instead were listed by slaveowner in each county and election district.

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Fields Included

The list below shows the data fields included in this source. If a field is marked as Indexed, it is searchable.

  • District Indexed
  • County Indexed
  • Page
  • Line
  • Enumeration Date
  • Name of Slaveholder Indexed
  • Number of Slaves Owned
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Color Indexed
  • Fugitive from State? Indexed
  • Number of slaves manumitted?
  • Deaf, dumb (mute), blind, insane, or idiotic? Indexed
  • Number of Slave Dwellings
  • Census Enumerator Indexed
  • Transcriber Notes Indexed
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