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Record #68 from Somerset County Bond Book EB28, 1805-1815

County Somerset
Date June Term 1814
Text The orphans court appointed William Bounds and John Nelson appraisers to report on the real estate of Sophy Nuttter, orphan in the care of Edward Austin, her guardian. 31 Oct 1814 appraisers report ten negroes: Capril, Spence, Priam, George, David, Frank, Minta, Linen, James and Jesper; a farm barn 24 by 40 feet in bad repair, one old dwelling hosue 20 by 40 feet in very bad repair one old brick kitchen 18 by 20 feet in bad repair, a framed cook house 16 by 18 feet rotten and worm eater, one old milk house 15 by 15 in bad repair, a garden and yard with the paleing and fence very much broken, a granery 18 by 22 feet in tolerable good repair, a corn house 10 by 32 feet in good repair, a carriage house 10 by 22 feet in bead repair, one out house in the farm 16 by 18 feet in tolerable good repair, a very indifferent outside fence, no cross fence nor no partition fence between it and Christopher C. Nutter's farm, 260 apple trees, 350 acres of tillable land and 250 of wood land, annual value of lands and negroes $506.

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