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Record #63 from Abstracts of Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867

Part of Series B
Microfilm Reel in Collection Series 13
Microfilm Frame on Reel 88
Accession Number (identifies petition on microfilm) 20381401
County Sussex
State Delaware
Year Legislative Petition Filed 1814
Abstract of Petition Shortly before Samuel Jackson Bailey's death, his son, Samuel Bailey, prevailed upon him to "execute a Certain Instrument of writing" giving him nine slaves. After his death, James Badley, in behalf of his minor son, Samuel Badley, and Roger Phillips, in behalf of his minor son, Samuel Phillips, grandchildren of the deceased, charge that Samuel Bailey obtained the slaves by fraud. The slave owner was ninety years old, they assert, "and for a long time before and at that time under great debility of both Body and Mind, addicted to theintemperate use of Strong drink and almost blind & unable to write his own name." In fact, they claim, Samuel J Bailey bequeathed them two of the slaves, James and Betty. They ask the court to subpoena Samuel Bailey and Thomas Bailey, another son of the deceased, to answer their complaint.

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