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Record #25 from Abstracts of Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867

Part of Series B
Microfilm Reel in Collection Series 7
Microfilm Frame on Reel 91
Accession Number (identifies petition on microfilm) 20984011
County Somerset
State Maryland
Year Legislative Petition Filed 1840
Abstract of Petition Levi Hughes, the administrator of the estate of the late Josiah Hughes, seeks an accounting from Marcellus Jones of the said estate's assets. In his first petition, Hughes states that Josiah Hughes died in 1821, leaving four minor children as his only heirs. At Josiah's death, Hughes "took possession" of tyhree estate slaves and "the other said personal estate. He then sold all of the personal estate, "the said negroes excepted," for about $300. He "retained in his possession" the three slave untilhis death in 1838, hiring out Nelly and benefitting from the "labour and services" of her two children, Patience and Isaac. At Jesse's death, son-in-law Marcellus Jones became adminstrator of his estate and refused to relinquish Nelly, Patience, and Isaac to the petition, stating the "the said Jesse had had possession of them for so long a time, that this Complainant could not recover them at law." In 1839 the petitioner won a judgment reinstating the slaves in his possession. Levi Hughes now asks that Marcellus Jones "account for the said hire" & for the value" of each of ther slaves from 1821 until 1838, as well as the value of the "goods & chattels of the said Josiah so as appropriated by the said Jesse." His second petition, a "related bill," demands an accounting of the "rents & profits, or annual value of the said farm."

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