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Record #2 from Hiring Agreement from the Gilliss Family Collection, 1862

County Worcester
Date 10 April 1862
Enslaved Person(s) John, Charles, George, Woman Martha + child
Slaveowner Lemuel Showell and James Whaley
Agreement Text On the first day of January, 1863 I promise to pay to Lem'l Showell + Jo Whaley his Heirs and Assigns, the full and just sum of Seventy Five Dollars and -- Cents good and lawful money of the United States, for the Hire of the following negroes: John, Charles, George, Woman Marth + child of the present year 1862. And agree to furnish said NegroS Man with the following articles of Clothing, namely: /each negro/ two Tow Linen Shirts, two pair of Tow Linen Trowsers, one Fustian Round Jacket, to be well lined for winter; one Fustian Vest, to be well lined for winter; one pair Fustian Trowsers; all his clothing to have buttons; one pair good long Yarn Stockings, one white Wool Hat, two pair of good strong Laced Boots, to be made in the County; his shoes be kept in repair by half-soleing, &c. All the above clothing to be given in due season, for value received. It is also understood and agreed, that no deduction for lost time will be made unless the money be paid when due, and the provisions set forth in the above agreement be strictly complied with. As witness my hand and seal, this 10 day of April Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty two.
Amount 75

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