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Record #78 from Free Black Families of Colonial Delmarva (abstracted by Paul Heinegg)

State Maryland
County (Primary) Talbot
Other Counties Kent, Caroline
Family Name Phillips
Family History Notes 1. Elizabeth Phillips, born say 1700, was the servant of Eliza Stevens of Saint Peter's Parish in March 1720 when the Talbot County court ordered that she serve her mistress an additional year for stealing petticoats and a bonnet from her mistress. In March 1724/5 she confessed to the court that she had an illegitimate child by "Negroe Will, the slave of Elizabeth Phillips." The court ordered that she be sold as a servant for seven years. She confessed to having another child by William in March 1725/6. She was the servant of William Stevens in November 1731 when she was convicted of fornication and given thirty lashes [Judgment Record 1720, 14; 1725-6, 64-5; 485-6; 1731-3, 463]. Elizabeth may have been the ancestor of 2 i. Jane, born say 1748. 3 ii. Richard, born say 1760. iii. John, "Negro" head of a Kent County household of 2 "other free" in 1790. iv. Henry, head of a Kent County household of 5 "other free" in 1800 [MD:165] and 6 in 1810 (H. Phillips) [MD:871]. v. Robert, head of a Kent County household of 7 "other free" in 1810 [MD:845]. 2. Jane Phillips, born say 1748, was the servant of Moses Alford in August 1767 when she was convicted by the Kent County court of having a "Molatto" child. The court sold her son Anthony Phillips until the age of thirty one to her master for 5 shillings [Criminal Docket 1766-71, n.p.]. She was the mother of i. Antony, head of a Harford County household of 5 "other free" in 1810 [MD:800]. 3. Richard Phillips, born say 1760, was head of a Caroline County household of 6 "other free" in 1790, 13 in 1800 [MD:471], and 8 in 1810 [MD:178]. He was probably the father of i. Daniel, obtained a certificate of freedom in Caroline County on 31 October 1809: yellow complexion, free born and raised in the said county [Certificates of Freedom, 33].
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