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Record #70 from Free Black Families of Colonial Delmarva (abstracted by Paul Heinegg)

State Maryland
County (Primary) Somerset
Other Counties Accomack, Northampton
Family Name Nutt/Nutts
Family History Notes 1. Jane Nutt, born say 1700, was living at the house of Joseph Venable in Stepney Parish, Somerset County, in June 1721 when she was confessed that she had a "Mulatto" child in the month of January 1719/20. The court ordered her sold for seven years [Judicial Record 1719-22, 82, 100]. She may have been the ancestor of the members of the Nutts family in Accomack and Northampton counties: i. William, born say 1750, an Indian living in Accomack County on 25 October 1774 when he and Nathan Addison's slave Jacob were charged with felony [Orders 1774-7, 270, 277]. ii. Daniel, born December 1760, a four-year-old "Mulattoe" bound to Major Joyne by the Northampton County, Virginia court on 11 September 1765 [Minutes 1765-71, 11]. He was head of an Accomack County household of 4 "other free" in 1810 [VA:45]. iii. Edmund, born Christmas 1774, bound by the Northampton County court to Margaret Addison on 12 February 1782 [Minutes 1777-83, 336]. He was a "free Negro" taxable in Northampton County from 1798 to 1803 [PPTL, 1782-1823, frames 251, 270, 312, 353]. He married Mary Bibbins, 18 June 1800 Northampton County bond, Southy Collins security, consent of Nanny Bibbins. He was head of an Accomack County household of 8 "other free" in 1810 [VA:45]. He was called an Indian when his wife Mary was counted as a "free negro" in Accomack County in 1813 [PPTL 1782-1814, frame 833]. iv. Thomas, head of an Accomack County household of 5 "other free" in 1800 [Virginia Genealogist 2:158]. v. Bridget, married Toby Stephens, 7 September 1804 Northampton County bond, Ben Dunton security. vi. Sabra, married Isaac Stephens, 16 August 1809 Northampton County bond, Isaac Stevens, Sr., security. vii. Ariena, born say 1779, married Peter Beckett, 10 January 1800 Accomack County bond, Babel Major, surety. Babel Major was head of an Accomack County household of 6 "other free" in 1810 [VA:43]. Ariena may have been the Arena Becket who married Thomas Bibbins, 2 August 1800 Accomack County bond, Peter Bibbins surety.
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