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Record #47 from Free Black Families of Colonial Delmarva (abstracted by Paul Heinegg)

State Maryland
County (Primary) Somerset
Other Counties Sussex
Family Name Hodgskin
Family History Notes 1. Jonas Hodgskin, born say 1720, a "Mallatto," confessed on 19 August 1739 in Somerset County court that he was the father of an illegitimate child by Dorcas Malavery. He was fined 30 shillings [Judicial Record 1738-40, 171]. He was taxable in Pocomoke Hundred of Somerset County in the household of Sue Hogskin (his white mother? who was not a taxable) in 1736, in Henry Schofield's household in 1737, in Seward Tomlinson's in 1738, in Solomon Tomlinson's in 1739, with slaves Robin and Sarah in Annamessex Hundred in 1740, and taxable in his own Pocomoke household from 1746 to 1759 [List of Tithables 1736-1759]. He married Rodey Driges (Driggers) on 23 December 1747 at Coventry P.E. Church, Somerset County, Maryland [Wright, Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 2:104]. Rhoda was taxable in his Pocomoke Hundred household from 1756 to 1759. He was granted 50 acres in Worcester County on 12 March 1764 called Flemings Pleasure on the east side of Dividing Creek, and he and his wife Rhoda sold this land (making their marks) on 15 June 1770. On 5 August 1769 he mortgaged to William Lane a crop of corn on the plantation whereon Lane's wife was then living and ten hogs on 5 August 1769 [DB H:79-80, 339]. He was taxable in Little Creek Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware, in 1777 and a delinquent taxpayer in 1787 [Sussex County Levy Lists, n.p.]. His wife Rhoda Hodgskin was called the sister of Drake Driggers in the administration of Driggers' 2 September 1788 Sussex County estate. They were the parents of i. John, born 10 February 1747/8, "son of Jonas and Rodey Hodgskin" [Wright, Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 104]. ii. Devericks/ Debrix, born 4 February 1748/9, "son of Jonas and Rodey Hodgskin," [Wright, Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 2:104], a taxable in Little Creek in 1788, 1790, 1791, and 1795 [Sussex County Levy Lists] and head of a Sussex County, Delaware household of 8 "other free" in 1800 [DE:375]. iii. ?Stephen, born say 1770, a delinquent taxable in Little Creek, Sussex County in 1787 and a taxable in Little Creek in 1788 and 1790 [Sussex County Levy Lists]. The Sussex County court charged him with assault in February 1786 [RG 4805, General Sessions, 1767-1794, frame 383, 386, 388, 403]. iv. ?David, born say 1772, a delinquent taxable in Little Creek in 1787. v. ?Winder, head of a Sussex County, Delaware household of 3 "other free" in 1800 [DE:391]. Endnotes: 1. Dorcas Malavery called him Jonas Miller when she named him as father of her child, but he was called Jonas Hogskin when he confessed. A James Hogskin alias Miller married Mary Hobbs in Somerset County on 25 July 1815.
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