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Record #66 from Delaware Annual Conference Methodist Episcopal Church Memoirs 1865-1950

Date of Conference Journal Memoir/Obituary April 1, 1891
Deceased Person Rev. Isaiah Broughton
Birth 11/13/1817 in Worcester county, Md
Death 7/1/1890 in Camden Cty, N.J.; 72 yo. Interment in Mt. Zion M.E. church cemetery, Camden county, N.J.
Church Service, Charges Served, Affiliated Locations, and Other Biographical Information He was a slave and owned by Judge Spence. Deprived of early training in school. Was one of the founders of delaware Conference in 1864. Appointments: Pocomoke, Md; Kent circuit, Md; Centerville circuit, Md; Millington, Mt. Zion Circuit, N.J.; John wesley & Centerville; Camden; Chester, Pa; Church Creek, Md; Hillsborough; Church Creek (2nd time); Hillsboro; (2nd time); Greensborought; Denton. Superannuated in 1885.
Family and Other Information x
Online PDF Page Number (if available) pdf pg 20
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