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Record #40 from Abstracts From the Land Records of Dorchester County, Maryland

County Dorchester
Liber:Folio FJH4:286
Date 4/26/1858
Grantor and Grantee Anthony C. Thompson and Susan his wife / Thomas W. Anderson, trustee
Abstract lands in Caroline County and in Poplar Neck purchased by said Anthony from Mrs. Eliza G. Kerr Jacob C. Wilson, containing about 19 acres, with 1/2 of a mill seat and sawmille...[other lands mentioned] being the residue of the lands purchased by said Anthony C. Thompson from William Rea as trustee and from Joseph R Eccleston; with livestock and personal property, including slaves: Robert Spriggs aged 28 years, Levin Tyler aged 26 years, Jerry Ennalls aged 24 years, Abram Spriggs aged 18 years, Jerry Young aged 16 years, Moses Young aged 14 years, Francis Young aged 12 years, Alexander Kiah aged 11 years, George Young aged 9 years, Charles E. Young aged 7 years, Thomas H. Nicols aged 4 years, Walter Scott Tyler aged 2 years, James Henry (child of Cassey) aged about 4 months, Phoebe Kiah aged about 26 years, Cassey Nicols aged 26 years Angelia Young aged 22 years, Nancy Young aged 19 years, Lucy Dacum aged 13 years, Caroline (child of Angelina Young) aged 6 years, Eliza Jane Elizabeth Young aged 4 years, Mary E. Tyler, Sarah E. Young, child of Angelina Young, and Martina Kiah, aged about 6 months, as slave until they are 30 years of age and then to be free.

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