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Record #54 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names Ephraim Hudson
Age 22
Description stout and athletic
Alias John Spry
Origin- Town/City
Origin- County
Origin- State
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name John Campbell Henry
Chapter Title Arrival of five From the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Page Number 286-287
Other Travelers
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources
Items in Possession
Full Narrative RESPECTED FRIEND : ? WILLIAM STILL, I send on to thy care this evening by Rail Road, 5 able-bodied men, on their way North ; receive them as the Good Samaritan of old and oblige thy friend, THOMAS GARRETT. EPHRAIM is twenty-two years of age, stout and athletic, one who appears in every way fitted for manual labor or anything else that he might be privileged to learn. John Campbell Henry, was the name of the man whom he had been taught to address as master, and for whose benefit he had been compelled to labor up to the day he " took out." In considering what he had been in Maryland and how he had been treated all his life, he alleged that John Campbell Henry was a "bad man." Not only had Ephraim been treated badly by his master but he had been hired out to a man no better than his master, if as good. Ephraim left his mother and six brothers and sisters.

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