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Record #2 from Abstracts from William Still's Underground Railroad

Traveler's Names Henry Moor
Age 30
Description tall, copper-colored
Origin- Town/City Cambridge
Origin- County Dorchester
Origin- State Maryland
Destination Canada
Slaveowner's Name Levin Dale
Chapter Title The Arrivals of a Single Month
Page Number 97
Other Travelers William Griffen; Henry Moore; James Camper; Noah Ennells; Levin Parker
Other Conductors
Additional Names
Method of Travel
Additional Resources
Items in Possession
Full Narrative The great number of cases to be here noticed forbids more than a brief reference to each passenger. As they arrived in parties, their narratives will be given in due order as found on the book of recrods: William Griffen, Henry Moor; James Camper, Noah Ennells and Levin Parker. This party came from Cambridge, Md. HENRY is tall, copper-colored, and about thirty years of age. He com- plained not so much of bad usage as of the utter distaste he had to working all the time for the ? white people for nothing.? He was also decidedly of the opinion that every man should have his liberty. Four years ago his wife was ? sold away to Georgia ? by her young master; since which time not a word had he heard of her. She left three children, and he, in escaping,, also had to leave them in the same hands that sold their mother. He was owned by Levin Dale, a farmer near Cambridge. Henry was armed with a six-barreled revolver, a large knife, and a determined mind.

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