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Delmarva Folklife Project: Interview with Mary Onley, 18 July 1998

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This interview was conducted by Douglas Day with Mary Onley near Painter, VA. In this interview, Mary Onley talks about her interest in paper mache and making paper mache hats. She describes her methods for creating and painting the paper mache hats and the various types that she makes, usually large brimmed hats, and some of her other paper mache crafts, including clocks. She doesn't describe it as paper mache, but more of a recycling of newspaper. She describes when she began making paper mache only a few years earlier as she sought to do something with her excess newspaper, also making paper mache figurines and scenes. She also describes her life outside of art, working in vegetable fields as a crew leader and in shirt factories, and her family and their lives. She talks about some of the art scenes that she makes and the inspiration behind them, including family events and other occurrences. She also describes the process of trying to sell her art and her involvement with the artist guild.

This interview is part of the Delmarva Folklife Project. For more information, see the Edward H. Nabb Center finding aid.


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